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Jewelry Repair

At Amber's Designs, we understand that jewelry is meant to be cherished and worn, but sometimes it can become damaged over time. That's why we offer expert repair and restoration services to bring your jewelry back to its original beauty. All repairs are done on our premises, and our customers can even watch our master jewelers at work through windows on the showroom floor. With almost 200 years of combined experience, our highly trained staff have the skills and expertise to work with all types of metals, from gold, silver, and platinum to costume jewelry and other metal items. We use a combination of traditional techniques and the latest technology to provide the best possible service to our customers. We offer free checking and cleaning services, and always provide estimates before any work is performed.

Come in and see us today to experience our exceptional craftsmanship and let us restore your precious jewelry to its original luster.

Services We Offer

These are just some of the in house repair services we offer. Call today and ask us about your repair!

  • Checking prongs, cleaning

  • Re polishing and rhodium plating

  • Sizing, new shanks

  • Soldering rings together

  • Re-tipping prongs

  • Chain repair, new clasps

  • Adjustable shanks for arthritic knuckles

  • Restringing of pearls

  • Replacing all missing stones

  • Re-cutting of chipped or worn color stones or diamonds

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