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Limited Lifetime Diamond
Jewelry Warranty

We urge you to insure your jewelry as soon as possible. We recommend Jewelers Mutual for coverage of your precious jewelry. You will also need a professional appraisal to provide to your insurance company. You can find out more about Appraisals Here


Our trademark logo on the inside of your jewelry means that we stand behind your purchase with a lifetime protection and service. To keep your jewelry looking new and to keep this Limited Lifetime Warranty in effect, your jewelry must be inspected and professionally cleaned at least every 4 months and the inspection verified in writing on the form given to you. Amber’s Designs will provide this service at no charge as often as you like. Please be sure to bring the given pamphlet with you when having your jewelry cleaned and inspected.


We guarantee complete satisfaction on your diamond jewelry purchase. Your diamond jewelry Warranty covers (with normal wear) the replacement of .05ct or less diamond (with one of equal value) that is lost while it is in it’s original mounting. Amber’s Designs must clean and inspect (at no charge) your diamonds and mountings once every 4 months and records the inspection on the given pamphlet. There are no warranties, written or oral, other than as set forth herein. The warrantor shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages.

Along with professional cleanings by Amber’s Designs, your jewelry’s maximum stunning brilliance can be maintained with our own specially formulated Diamond and Jewelry cleaner, Lavish.

Ambers Designs Limited Lifetime Dimaond Jewelry warranty
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