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Watch Repair

Amber's Designs Fine Jewelry specializes in watch repairs and after sales services. Be it a pocket watch or wall clock, most any type of time piece can be repaired. We work on all types of watches, whether they are modern, vintage or antique.


Just like fine jewelry, fine watches also require very specific care and maintenance. A fine time piece is a delicate instrument that needs maintenance to continue to perform properly and accurately. Whether your watch has a quartz battery operated movement or a mechanical movement, to maintain optimal performance it requires expert periodic maintenance.

We accommodate watches from Rolex, Omega Tag-Huer, Seiko and Citizen to name a few. We will replace most watch batteries while you wait and offer free estimates for repair or overhaul. We carry a comprehensive selection of metal and leather watch bands in stock.

Let Amber's Designs Fine Jewelry be your one stop shop for watches and all your jewelry needs.

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